comScore Report Shows Continued Growth in Data Consumption Among Canadian Mobile Users

Ottawa, March 14, 2018 – Canadians can access wireless services across some of the fastest and most reliable networks in the world. What does this mean for Canadian mobile users, and how does this affect their mobile wireless habits? A recent report by comScore, a well-known audience measurement and analytics company, offers a few insights.

The comScore 2018 “Digital Future in Focus” report contains findings on the use trends in digital audiences around the world. The report provides a snapshot of the user trends of digital audiences for both desktop and mobile platforms. Several findings confirm the continued growth of popularity in Canada of mobile devices, and the associated ongoing growth in demand for wireless services:

• Mobile users consume twice as many minutes online as desktop users
• When smartphones and tablets are added together, Canadians spend 58% of their total digital minutes on mobile platforms
• Nearly 90% of Canadian mobile subscribers used their device for banking, some manner of financial service or a retail purpose; 95% used their mobile device to access a news site
• Video views for the top 100 online properties in the comScore survey skew towards mobile devices
• Mobile video views in Canada accounted for 51% of video views on top online platforms;

Canada still maintains a significant number of desktop users – our marketplace is not as “mobile only” as some others seen in the comScore data. As the report notes, “multi-platform” digital consumption is still the current norm in the marketplace. But it is significant that entertainment and video use are “flourishing on mobile platforms” – one of the report’s key findings.

Video and entertainment services on mobile devices require strong wireless networks to back them up. The fact that Canadians in every province and territory are able to consume the services they want on some of the world’s fastest and most reliable networks is due to the significant investments made by facilities-based carriers – more than $45 billion so far. These trends, especially once the 20 Gbps download speeds of the new 5G networks are introduced, are expected to grow rapidly. Keeping up with Canadians’ demand for mobile data will require even more investment.

You can find the complete comScore report here.