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Health & Safety issues related to wireless communications have increasingly been the focus of media attention. These issues fall into one of three categories including: health concerns in relation to hand-held devices and antenna installations; the responsible use of mobile phones while driving; and the use of mobile phones for emergency 9-1-1 calls.

The Association is the key media contact on these matters, maintaining close liaison with government agencies including the CRTC, Health Canada and Industry Canada. CWTA also maintains close liaison with key US and international organizations including the World Health Organization.

The wireless industry in Canada as well as around the world is 100 per cent committed to a completely open process in the study of health and safety issues related to wireless technologies. All research is made public and fully open to scientific and public scrutiny.

The overwhelming evidence in the scientific community as determined and published in numerous studies worldwide supports the conclusion that there is no demonstrated public health risk associated with the use of wireless phones.

Government agencies responsible for establishing safe limits for signal levels of radio devices also support that wireless telephones are not a health risk. The signal levels from all wireless devices are well below the safety limits established by Health Canada and other international governmental departments.

Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 sets the limits for safe exposure to radiofrequency fields at home or at work. The Code also outlines safety requirements for the installation and operation of devices that emit radiofrequency fields, such as mobile phones and base station antennas. This code is based on current, accepted scientific data and is among the most stringent in the world.

Comprehensive information on health effects of radiofrequency fields is available at at the University of Ottawa’s McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment.


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